Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some vines for thought

These are some photos from throughout the summer that I haven't posted yet...

A very short centenial vine. Next year she will be ready to make hops for you favorite IPA's.

The Norther Brewer almost make it to the top this year.

More happy Norther Brewer...

What do you suppose is at the top of this bean stalk? A bearded giant brewing in a golden mash tun?
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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hop Harvest!

Well, they're ready! I have a modest harvest of Michigan hops to offer this year. These are freshly picked Northern Brewer hops ready for someones next batch of beer...maybe a porter for fall...thats what I would do anyway. I will be sending out an email to those who are on my mailng list in the next few weeks with purchasing details. So, if you would like hand-picked Michigan grown hops in your next brew, join the mailing list. I would also like to thank everyone who has visited my website and the blog this summer. Your words of support and encouragement have meant a lot to me.

Happy Brewing,